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Teacher Training Videos - The ABC Core 6:


To teach the ABC Creative Music Online resource effectively you DO NOT need to be musically confident!


All the knowledge you need is contained in the ABC Core 6:

2 Core Concepts
2 Teacher Skills
2 Troubleshooting Techniques

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Here are 6 short training videos taking you through what you need to know. This is the same material we cover in teacher training IST sessions.


2 Core Concepts:

2 Teacher Skills:

2 Troubleshooting Techniques:

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Revise or Catch Up on the intro to ABC IST/CPD Session

The next series of videos are of a training session introducing staff to ABC Online.


 Next - watch a movie on - What is a Beat?



Next - watch a  movie on - What is a Bar?



How do I get started on the website? (Quick Overview)

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