The positive effect creative music-making has on mental health & well-being has never mattered more, so please review the range of options on offer to bring music safely back into your school-

including Tin-Can Drum Kit, Body Percussion & Numeracy, Virtual Instruments for Tablet/Smartphone, Easy-to-Set Home Learning Assignments, Remote CPD, Covid-Safe Instrument Bags, Boxes and Trolleys...

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Lower Primary Chime Bar App

“This resource is absolutely fantastic- and helps me deliver all of the music outcomes

Creative Music Resources

We bring a creative music-making culture to your classroom and home for engagement, ownership and achievement.

Place creating and performing at the heart of your children’s musical experiences from Reception/Primary 1 onwards.

Fun, smart activities on screen produce music-making with voice, body percussion and classroom instruments. Fresh approaches to notation, improvisation and composition help children create on-screen, then perform using voice, body and classroom percussion. Smart design guarantees rewarding musical outcomes, giving you confidence and your children ownership of something they realise is valuable.

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Our Free Trials are full access, so you can have a good look around the extensive musical and cross-curricular resources for Primary and Early Years.

including adapted ASN/SEND courses, Literacy and Numeracy Through Music, French and Spanish Through Music, ABC Favourites (Perform Favourite Songs like Nursery Rhymes and Christmas Carols on voice and tuned percussion from Early Years/P1 upwards), Burns and Scots Language, Style and Genre and our Gaelic courses.

From P4/Yr3, skills are transferred to music-making in small groups using downloadable handouts — great for team-work, communication and lots of fun while learning! Explore a progressive sequence of age-appropriate sounds, symbols and concepts — animal noises, actions, instrumental sounds, rhythm, pitch and lyrics.

“My pupils totally LOVE ABC! It's easy to use & all there for you.

And you can try our courses risk-free with our 30-DAY FREE TRIAL!

Remote CPD Programme

1-hour interactive training sessions are available straight into your PC/tablet or phone, with each topic available on multiple dates and times (11am and 3.45pm)- so there’s more chance there’ll be a slot that suits your busy schedule.

Topics include: New To ABC #1 & 2, Covid Advice and Tin-Can Drum Kit, Home Learning and Virtual Instruments, Literacy and Numeracy Through Music, Body Percussion and Numeracy, Literacy And Numeracy Through Music for the young P1 class, Create With Pitch, Musicality for Early Years- New Start #1 &2, Musiclaity for Early Years- Follow Up.

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Award-Winning Early Years Resources

A multi-platform Early Years musicality resource offering interactive learning experiences with over 65 group-led activities and a unique approach to develop Musicality skills in Freeplay settings.

Presented as web-based interactives, iPad Apps and laminated lesson plans in a ring-binder, with Teaching Aids. Audio CDs, and matching ABC Instrument Bags- these resources have a wide cross-curricular reach includng specific advice and activities focussing on Literacy and Numeracy.

5-star Winner of the Teach Early Years national awards. “The complete package for anyone setting up an Early Years music programme from scratch. Varied and imaginative, it develops key musical skills such as rhythm and pitch; is user-friendly, and fantastic value for money too.” Teach Early Years

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Our Early Years and Primary Resources are now established in numerous ASN/SEND schools, and our Primary resources include 3 adapted courses adapted for ASN/SEND children, pitched at P1-3 mainstream level.

Our creativity ethos allows all activities to be adapted to suit each individual child on any individual day. Our brand new ASN/SEND Assssment and Intervention Guide allows you to assess the challenge for each child in 8 dimensions (see right) with loads of suggested interventions for each area. This allows you to help the wide range of ASN children you work with- from those with Severe and Complex Needs to ASN children in mainstream classrooms.

Both Primary and EY resources are widely used in ASN/SEND settings - so try a free trial of both to find out which level of resources is suitable for your children.

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Raise Attainment Through Music

• Literacy  • Numeracy  • African Drum & Dance

ABC’s unique resources link music-making to learning that raises attainment in numeracy and literacy.

Linking targeted literacy and numeracy processing to musical performance, these resources are coded for the major phonics schemes and SEAL, so provide a genuinely complementary approach; a godsend for both staff and children struggling with existing resources.

Our African Drum and Dance programme has achieved amazing results in improving confidence and self expression especially in Upper Primary boys.

And we have just launched a new Body Percussion and Numeracy programme- perfect for Covid-safe cross-curricular music-making.


"Like manna from heaven: ABC resources bridge the gap for struggling children in a really fun way.“

Katie D'Souza, Class Teacher

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Launched during lockdown in March 2020, ABC Homeschool makes Creative music activities available to all parents and children at home.

Simplified lesson plans and virtual instrument Apps for Android and MacOS mobile devices (Tablet and smarthone) mean nearly all children and households can use this material during any lockdown, in addition to families who permanently home school. Home School FREE Trial

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Primary User Feedback

“My pupils totally LOVE ABC! It's easy to use and all there for you - with instructions of what you will need for each lesson. It has made me more confident in delivering a music programme.”
“This resource is absolutely fantastic and helps me deliver all of the music outcomes that I would struggle to do without lots of guidance or support!"
"It introduces the children to instruments in such a fun, structured way which alleviates the stress for myself!”
“As a non-specialist, I found it really useful to have structured, guided blocks of music lessons. The P6 children found it really engaging. The SMART board graphics and the worksheets were extremely helpful.“
"The variety of activities and the songs, rhythms and activities were well designed and easy to deliver. Without it I would not be able to lead an effective music lesson."
“ABC music has been hugely beneficial in our school particularly for teachers who are not confident in delivering music.”
"Very enjoyable - I find the process easy to facilitate in the classroom and the children are very engaged with the interactive board/resources. The training has been fab and the resource is really easy to follow for non-specialists."
"It's idiot proof and takes away the fear for someone like me with no musical background."
"Love it! So helpful to a non-music specialist like myself. I've just finished using Burns resources teaching song with musical accompaniment. I would never have been able to work this out on my own."

Early Years User Feedback

"The visits from ABC music to the nursery have been great for refreshing our knowledge and to be informed of new resources/activities to try with the children. Language development eg naming dolphin elephant. Good support for listening games. Staff confidence has grown when noticing children's levels of engagement and fun."
"Enjoyment in music has increased and regular engagement. A favourite for many children. It's great for their all round development."
"I feel the ABC music programme is beneficial to the children across all areas of their development and learning. The children also very much enjoy the experiences."
"Boosts children's confidence when they feel they are 'in charge'. This resource is covering a big variety of the curricculum, through music. My pupils have developed literacy, numeracy, listening, and other skills through this resourse. We love it and it is a resource that we are just scraping the surface of as it is so bountiful."
"The ABC resources are fabulous and our children have benefitted not just in music but across the curriculum. I would highly recommend."
"As someone with zero confidence teaching music, I have found the resources really useful. Some lessons I need to teach a second time before everything goes perfectly but the majority of the time I can just pick up the resources and run with it - thank you!"
"The resources are excellent. 5 STARS! Well Done! It is an excellent pack that we love."
"The children love the fact they have their own bags, or share with a friend. They can explore the number of instruments in the bag learning their names and sounds. These can be changed with others giving them more of a variety to chose from. A good variety and enjoyed by our learners. A Fabulous resource.”
"We find the bags a very useful resource. The children very much enjoy using the instrument bags and the types of instruments included are varied and effective in promoting their listening and creative skills."
"Children love to have the chance to have their own special bag and they love to explore its contents."
"The CPD sessions I have attended have been very informative and enjoyable, lots of opportunities to ask questions and to try out different activities."