What Is The Up Early Programme?

up Early Welcome Video 2018

This is the short video made at the start of the programme in 2018.


Since then the programme has undergone several changes:

  • Some Music Leaders have left the Up Early schools,

  • We started to move to a mixed training model in 2019-20 session- 

    where ABC staff were delivering some Primary training directly, and were starting to deliver some on-site support in the classroom.
  • In 2019-20 we were also planning to roll out a game-ification programme, whereby children received
    individual scores for their perfomance on literacy and numeracy  single playerinteractives.. 

Lockdown started just as these vistis were starting, in March 2020- and the gameification roll-out had to be postponed.

Due to the pandemic, the Up Early programme goals changed in session 2020=21, moving away from a raising attainment focus, to one supporting any and all musical activity in Early Years and Primary, and all training went Online.

For the new 21-22 session, we are returning the programme focus back to raising attainment in Literacy and Numeracy, Some Primaries have lost their music leader, and we have now moved to a mixed training model in Primary, Some schools will still have Music Leaders delivering training, and all Primary Schools can send staff on ABC's ongoing Online CPD programmes as well.

And we are hoping to announce soon a new Early Years programme that will take the project goals further in Erly Years setting across Inverclyde- watch this space!

For further information, please contact Phil on .