Secondary ASN/SEND

In secondary ASN/SEND Special Schools around the world, there are many children in their teens well aware of their age, with tastes in music and fashion to match. The level of musical challenge appropriate for them in educational resources, due to issues they are dealing with on a daily basis due to cerebral palsy or other diagnoses, happen to be similar to those of mainstream children of a much younger age. Resources designed for 4, 5 or 6 year-old children may provide an appropriate educational challenge, but offer totally inappropriate musical styles and content for them as young adults.

In a new development, funded by a grant from John Watson's Trust, ABC Creative Music has started the process of producing a range of resources that match educational and cultural needs for this important group- an appropriate educational challenge set within music engaging for teenage tastes.

ABC Music has worked with staff from Glencryan Special School in North Lanarkshire and Glaswegian Soul legend Tom McGuire to produce a new range of resources- and this page shows the original Early Years version, and the new secondary incarnation- with an almost identical core educational chllenge level, but a very diffferent musical style.

We would like to thank James Hamilton and all at John Watson's Trust, Jade Coffield, Amanda MacBain, Andrew Slowman and all staff from Glencryan school, and the wonderful Tom McGuire for their support in creating these resources, and hope to go on to develop further resources matching the educational needs of secondary age children in special education to the correct social and cultural level.


Ting The Triangle- Original (Audio Only)

Triangle- Sonic Spear- Secondary

Tap The Woodblock- Original (Audio Only) 

Rock The Woodblock - Secondary

Count To Four Song #2- Original

Count To Four Song #2- Secondary


Boing Song- Original


Boing Song- Secondary- retitled as "Oh Yeah!'