Covid Advice

We know that Government advice is changing with increased scientific study, and Local Authorities and Head Teachers interpret Goverment advice in different ways, so the restrictions that teachers are working under are varied.

Below are donwloadable PDFs {for each year course and some topic areas) with advice on how to deliver each ABC activities under a variey of Covid restrictions.

The general principles are summarised here:

General Covid Advice:
No Loud singing indoors, or chanting:
  • If allowed, sing ot chant quietly.
  • Sing or chant outdoors,
  • Lip-synch or mime along with songs.
  • Replace words or vocal sounds  (eg Animal Noises) with gestures-
    eg agree and use a 'Woo' gesture.


Social Distancing between children:
  • If you have a large space and a smaller class, sit in a large circle with everyone 2m apart.
  • Or work seated at desks or tables. Ask chidren to turn seats round to face the front.
  • When 'Going roud the Class' eg Clap/Play in a circle, establish a sequence for each table, and a sequence of table, so everone know the order in which they should play. This may take repeated practice.
No Movement:
  • Work seated at desks or tables. Ask chidren to turn seats round to face the front.
  • For movement activites, perform sitting on chairs or standing next to the desk.
  • Perfrom movements standing on the spot- eg Walk on the spot.
  • Use finger, hand or arm dancing.
  • Instead of walking on icons, stick icons on the board and ask children to 'walk on' them with their fingers. 
No shared instruments:
  • Use body percussion instead- agree a sound on the body for each percussion sound.

Choose from Clap, Stomp, Head (HIt Head), Chest, Tummy, Legs, Knees, Brush (brush hands together)...

  • Use the TIn-Can Drum Kit- go here for instructions.
  • Use virtual instruments for some or all of the class- go here for more info.
  • Play on the table=top with palms, fingers or knuckles..
  • Quarantine instruments- eg using ABC Covid-safe Instrument Bags and Trolley- see here for more info.


Covid Advice By Activity:

Download P1/Rec Advice Covid Advice- ABCCourse_P1:RecFDFD_9_11_20 

Download P2/Yr1 Advice Covid Advice- ABCCourse_P2:Yr1FDFD_9_11_20 

Download P3/Yr2 Advice Covid Advice- ABCCourse_P3:Yr2FDFD_9_11_20 

Download P4/Yr3 Advice Covid Advice- ABC CourseP4:Yr3FDFD_9_11_20 

Download P5/Yr4 Advice Covid Advice- ABC CourseP5:Yr4FDFD_9_11_20