Body Percussion and Numeracy


Body Percussion:

Body Percussion with ABC Creative Music is an ideal way of dealing with the challenges of COVID 
by keeping music, creativity, and fun happening - whilst focussing on the core subjects.


P1-3 Different Numbers, Call & response and the Three Times Table



P4-7 Times Tables

This activity series is great for developing rhythm skills and for consolidating times tables. We believe it is very beneficial to feel numbers in the body and use the potential and of the physical body for learning both rhythm and numbers. There is a lot of learning to do as you progress through this project - listening, moving,  feeling the rhythm, performing in time, beats abd bars, then counting, and copying back. As an option it can extend to composing lyrics nd rhtyhms in groups!

It is also a great project for practicing and realising the benefit from practicing and noticing improvement as the body learns what to do,


Body Percussion for Numeracy Activities:

• Are led by video and interactive multi-media so staff don't need to be confident with body percussion.
• Can be completed with a full range of vocal participation from: 'listen & say in your head' to quiet chanting to full choral counting. 
• Develop rhythm and music skills, are really great fun, and also develop and consolidate number knowledge 
• Work as a whole class and for creative activities in groups
• Cover a range of numeracy areas such as:
• Different numbers of sounds
• Call & Response using different numbers
• Same number on each hand
• 3 on each hand counting on to 6 and 36
• 3 Times Table
Coming soon:
• Counting forward & backwards in 1-5’s
• Counting in Tens and Units
• Finger Counting
• Simple Addition and  Number Bonds to 10
• 6,7,8,9 Times Tables with Body Percussion
• Play with a wide range of fun and funky backing grooves and tempos
• Differentiate the class with Lyric Writing and Creative music options
Coming Soon::
• Indian Finger Counting System and Konnokol
• Multiplying and Dividing Fractions with Konnokol