ABC, Creativity, & Shape Notation


At ABC we are interested in Creativity that can and will happen regularly in the mainstream classroom.

This means the activities need to be safe for non-specialist teachers to lead - with reliable and predictable outcomes. We have a developed an approach we call "Baby C" Creativity which guarantees a positive and successful outcome for children and teachers whilst also providing a genuine creative experience which teaches participating children something about music, form, rhythm, and performance.

Many of our Creativity activities use Shape Notation. By saying the syllable patterns of the shape names - initially Square and Circle - the children hear the rhythms, which they can then clap or play on instruments. Shape Notation is:

  • very fast effective in supporting children to learn and perform rhythms,
  • develops rhythm skills,
  • prepares children for reading proper music notation,
  • is easy to write down on paper when composing,
  • doesn't scare off non-specialist teachers!


In the following interactive (which can take a while to load) click on the blue buttons for videos explaining how it all works.