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It is great to see you here at ABC Home School!
You and your family are now registered and have full access to all our lovely activities 24/7.

Go to Your Family above and enter the names of your family members.
Go to Home School to access all the music courses, cross-curricular modules-
(eg french and spanish, literacy and numeracy- all taught through musical activities), 
video lessons and creative spaces like 'Experimental Creative Joy'

Anyone can do this, you don't need to be able to sing, read music or play an instrument,
You can just have fun and learn with your children.
Read about our ethos here...

Our ethos is all about making musical creativity available to everyone.

We believe musical creativity encourages engagement, learning and development,
and is based on interactivity between people through music.

There are loads of activities even younger children can explore on their own-
especially once they know where they are. 

But there also lot's of opportunities for adults to explore creative music with children.

And this will be important in helping younger children getting going with the site-
and offers adults beautiful experiences with their kids at a difficult moment in all our lives.

Expect to interact alot with your children- sometimes you lead them, but mostly they'll lead you-
making simple creative decisions for you to follow.

Rolling Out Material:
Initially, we have launched with home school versions of our music courses for 3-7-year-olds.
Material for older children (8-12 year-olds) will be appearing over the next few days- please bear with us!
Somewhere to Start...

Below is a video giving an idea of the kind of material in the resource.

Below that is the first video lesson featuring the fantastic Amy Geddes. on 'The Boing Song
and 'Make Your Own Instruments' for 3-6 year olds, More video lessons are coming soon.

Help Us Do More...

Please give us any and all feedback on the material- this is a big learning curve for all of us-
click on the feedback at the ned of every lesson plan and let us know what works and what you want changed.

If you wish to support ABC Music Home School, please click on the donate button at the bottom of every page-
or visit paypal.me/abcmusichomeschool.

Stay Safe! With Love from

Phil, Tom, Amy, Sarah, Barbara, Karolina and Vicky

ABC Creative Music