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Teacher Training Videos - The ABC Core 6:


To teach the ABC Creative Music Online resource effectively you DO NOT need to be musically confident!


All the knowledge you need is contained in the ABC Core 6:

2 Core Concepts
2 Teacher Skills
2 Troubleshooting Techniques

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Here are 6 short training videos taking you through what you need to know. This is the same material we cover in teacher training IST sessions.


2 Core Concepts:


- music is great but can leave some people behind. Understand why and
learn to recognise that  if your children are overloading you just need to slow down and simplify.

5 ways to get the beat :

some children may not react to much to music - but they may have never have heard it before!
Here's 5 ways to help them get with the programme!

2 Teacher Skills:

Instrument Management :

- hand out instruments in groups and return to quiet. Use it and lose it!
Lose the cloud! - instruments are a great behaviour management tool!


Children learn best about beats and bars by creating with them and performing what they have created.
Counting in and Conducting is an key skill for performing creative work in groups  -  and they learn it from you!


What is a Count In?


How to  Conduct


For the Count In & Conduct skill it is also useful to understand the concepts of Beats and Bars. These are complex concepts and are best understood by using them in composing using the Shape Composer and Create With Pitch Composers. These two videos are used in the resource to explain the concepts to children.

What is a Beat?

What is a Bar?

2 Troubleshooting Techniques:


Children who speak are great at making rhythms with their voices.
Use that to learn how to clap and play rhythms correctly and accurately, and improve performance.

Split class - listen and play

Big improvements in performance, and a lot of excitement - come from listening more closely.
Develop that focus , and a bit of healthy competition by splitting the class in two and asking one group to listen and feedback on the performance of the other - then swap. The improvement comes mainly from zooming in the listening, and the focus that results.

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Revise or Catch Up on the intro to ABC IST/CPD Session

The next series of videos are of a training session introducing staff to ABC Online.


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