Literacy Through creative Music - Upper Primary

In this package our team will run projects with your classes with a focus on:

• creativity • lyric & melody writing • working in groups • performance skills




In this activity classes compose their own raps - studying beat, rhythm and rhyme, and performance skills.


Our topic based lyric writing project would be adapted to a topic your class is studying. 
Here are some examples of typical outcomes:

p4 TOpic "LEGO"

In this example a Clackmannan Primary School P4 class, worked in small groups, and each group used ABC Create With Pitch resources and the online ABC Pitch composer and then added lyrics relating to their their topic 'Lego'. Their artwork on the topic was used to make this video, along with footage of the children playing and singing their compositions.


P5 Lyric Writing Project-
TOPIC "Professor Leyton Video Game"

A Clackmannan Primary School P5 class, worked in small groups, and each group used ABC Create With Pitch resources and the ABC Pitch composer. Groups created a 3-pitch compositions and then added lyrics relating to their their topic 'Professor Leyton Video Game' which included themes of a Golden Apple, Murder and is in part in French.

Listen to their compositions below.

All the melodies were composed by the P5 children, and the children were recorded singing and playing the songs on tuned percussion, and then set in musical arrangements  by the ABC team.

Group Name: Memorising Monkeys

Group Name: Rancid Rhinos


Group Name: The Vamps

Outcomes of the projects:

Musical + Expressive Arts Outcomes

Developing confidence and an undertanding of the creative process- children composed the melodies in small groups using online pitch composers as part of ABC's Create With Pitch programme- see here for more info.

Instrumental performance and rhythmic skills- playing simple two, three or four note melodies on chime bars is a challenge for many Primary school children- engagement and ownership is increased when children have composed the melodies themselves.

Singing skills, pitch and group performance- the whole class sung everyone's compositions, develping singing skills and a sense of belonging and pride in the finished video.

Literacy Outcomes

Constructing meaningful short phrases around a class topic.

Understanding the number of syllables in a word.

Matching the syllable structure of words to the rhythmic structure of a composition.

Gaining confidence in manipulating and moving text.

Exploring ideas of rhyme.

Everyone loved it at the open night and our Depute said it was one of the best pieces of work he had ever seen! The kids were delighted.   

Grace Petrie   P4 Teacher