RAISE! Cross-Curricular Musical Creativity & Digital Enterprise Project

Raise money, self-esteem, and attainment through musical creativity and enterprise in your P6/7 class

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Help your P7 Class Make Their Own Music and Sell A Digital Album to fundraise for your school with rich cross-curricular learning in literacy, numeracy, IT, media, visual art.  Ideal for improving confidence & attainment in Literacy & Numeracy.


This project would be perfect for raising money for P7 leavers hoodies or for another charity of the school or children’s choice.


The project is divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1: Musical Creativity 

Stage 2: Enterprise/Fundraising


CPD 1: Creativity covers the use of 4 hour-long video-led lessons, teaching the P7 class working in groups of 2-3 children, to compose their own melodies using ABC’s unique Create With Pitch software. 

ABC staff then convert 10 melodies to make a digital Album ready for Streaming or Download, and set up online Ticketing- so family & friends can buy, stream or download the album easily from their PC or phone.


CPD 2: Enterprise introduces teachers to flexible online resources for planning, designing and delivering a Digital Enterprise project promoting and selling your album to friends, family and wider community.



All lessons are delivered via video. Your P7 Class Teacher receives training and support throughout, with an Online CPD at the start of each stage, access to 2 online surgeries and email support.

Teachers do not need to be musically confident, read music, or know how to compose.

They can learn alongside the children.


How Much Classroom Time?

Creativity: min. 4 x 1-hour sessions- eg 2 hrs per week for 2 weeks.

Enterprise Prep: min 4 x 1-hour sessions- eg 2 hrs per week for 2 weeks 

before the album launch.

Fundraising: You decide how much time to put into fundraising after the launch.



For More Details- read on..

Musical Creativity using ABC’s Create With Pitch Resources:

P7 class teachers receive a fun Online CPD demonstrating the powerful Create With Pitch composition software, that allows everyone to compose meaningful melodies.

They are shown the structure and lesson plans of 4 video led lessons, with a clear idea of how to layout their class, what IT equipment is required, advice on the make up of groups, and instructions on saving and emailing compositions.

Class Teachers do not need compositional experience or to be able to read music- they can very much learn with the children.

Children will work in up to 10 groups of 2-3 children using headphone splitters (supplied for schools to keep as part of the project), to compose and select up to 10 melodies for their album. Classes can send in a few extra melodies, which may be used if time permits.

ABC staff then produce simple arrangements of each of the 10 melodies, and upload

them as an album to Bandcamp as digital soundfiles (AIFF/MP3 files).

ABC staff set up a simple online Sales page on peoplesfundraising.com, where parents, family and friends can pay for a ticket using credit or debit card, and then receive a link to a password protected streaming or download page.

All income from the ticket sales go to the school, apart from 1.75% commission taken by peoplesfundraising.com.

Listen to an example album here- created by Banchory Primary School P7 class.



Enterprise Project- Raise Money and Raise Attainment:

The class is divided up into a flexible number Enterprise teams- with each taking on a different Enterprise task. Resources are provided at 3 levels of support.

• A brief handout for confident independent groups- who must research    their task then plan and design their approach to it.

• More supportive worksheets provide guidance and advice for moderately-confident groups.

•. Fill-in-the-blanks templates allow even the least-confident groups to take part, will learning genuine literacy and IT skills.

This allows teachers to target the right level of support for each team in the class.

Enterprise tasks include planning an album launch event, arranging a photo op, run an email campaign to parents, compose a social media campaign, produce Videos or an Enterprise blogs, compose and send Press Releases to local press and radio, Track project income and expenses, Design and create posters to be displayed around the school and local community eg in local shops.

Cross-Curricular Learning…

This rich cross-curricular project celebrates children’s creativity, and helps them learn about…

Musical Creativity- explored through ABC Musics unique Create With Pitch resources,

covering Rhythm, Pitch, Simple Arranging skills, Phrase Structure/Form.

Literacy- children work in teams to write Press releases, email campaigns, an Enterprise Blog, Social media campaigns, invitations to a Photo-Op etc

Numeracy- children learn about income and expenses, profit and loss, break even points and targets, and then track project income, expenses and profit.

Visual Art- design Promotional Posters and album covers

Copyright and Media- learn about copyright and how Media and promotion works

IT and Communication skills- children will gain experiencing in using a variety of software, and experiencing planning and executing an digital promotional campaign.




Email  Phil Bancroft at if you have any questions or 

are interested in taking part in this project.