How To Make A Tin-Can

Percussion Drum-Kit


If you need a percussion instrument for ABC Home School,
or a Covid-safe instrument to use at Primary school,
make a Tin-Can Percussion Drum Kit- it's really cheap and easy
And it provides all 5 percussion sounds-
                  Shake, Tap, Ting, Scrape and Boom.

What You Need:

  • A tin-can, opened, washed and dried (check there are no sharp edges!),
  • A balloon,
  • A piece of cardboard,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • A pen,
  • Some tape- insulating tape is best, sellotape is OK.
  • Some rice/lentils/dried peas/buckwheat- half a handful is fine.

Watch this video for instructions:


Or download this PDF- Please Make A Tin-CanDrumKit 

If you want to ask parents to send in a Tin-Can- use this PDF- Please Provide A Tin-Can