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Demo Interactives:


Here are two example interactives-

to experience literacy processing linked to musical performance yourself.


Example 1: Look/Say/Look/Play

This interactive takes you through a sequence of literacy processing tasks
converting a symbol to a phoneme, or converting an image to a word to an initial phoneme,
The tasks get progessively harder, with shorter processing time each time.



Look at the letter or image pattern, then say the phonemes or word back,
Look again if instructed, then play it back on the computer keyboard, using the keys  and computer keyboard letter T.



Example 2: Listen/Play

This interactive asks you to listen to a spoken phoneme pattern and play that pattern back using the letter pattern.



Listen to the phoneme pattern, and play it back on the computer keyboard, using the keys computer keyboard letter S and computer keyboard letter T.




Angus (P3) plays Listen/Play with letters a, s and t, using the keys computer keyboard letter S and computer keyboard letter T.




Boing Numeracy


This interactive will be a work station for Pre-schoolers and P1-3 classes.
This Beta version has not been styled to look lovely yet, but there is lots of functionality for the classroom.


You can:
Count up or down in different number ranges, from 0-10 to 0-100,
Count in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s and practice your Times Tables
Learn the days of the week, months, 24 hr clock,
Use dominoes and counting on fingers, with different tempos/speeds.


If you switch the voice off, children have to respond to just the symbols.
The Slow and V Slow  options use a call and response or echo format- so children copy back what they hear-
great for initial learning, or for children with English as a second language.


The Boing Song gives a fun interlude, where you can play an instrument,
clap or jump with the boing, before you get back to serious numeracy studies!




Count/Play/Jam Numeracy Quiz



Try it for yourself with the interactive below:

Sit the children in a circle, each with an untuned percussion instrument.



'There are some alien musicians who want to have a jam session with you.

A jam session is when you make music together and you play what you want.

To get a Jam session, you have to win points by answering questions correctly."


Set a Jam Target for your class- 5, 10 15 or 20 points.

(This sets how many questions they have to get right to earn a jam session.)

Alternate between child 1, whole class, child 2, whole class , child 3 whole class etc etc


Ask each in turn to Say then 'Play and Count' the number shown.

(eg 'Number after 8?' = 9. Play 9 sounds on your instrument.)


As children become confident, ask them to just 'Play and Count' the number.

Then ask them to just Play the number and count silently inside their head.